Friday, January 15, 2010

The Changing Face of Technology in the Bail Industry

As we enter 2010, I can’t help but thinking about my family, and specifically my father Bob Nairin and his 47 years in the bail bond industry. In that time, we have seen this industry evolve and change in ways that only a few bail bond industry veterans have. In fact, just in the last 5 years, I personally have seen changes that have reshaped our company in ways I never could have imagined.

The most interesting thing about these changes is that while they seem small and insignificant while they are happening, when you look back at them they are like quantum leaps in time. There is no bigger leap than what has happened in the area of technology. Even just writing this bail bond industry blog last evening on my laptop while watching SportsCenter on ESPN still amazes me. Ten years ago, no one could have imagined the things we are doing today. From our bail agents reporting bonds electronically to collaboratively tracking forfeitures online, AIA is rapidly developing systems that will help our family of bail bond agents completely manage their bail bond business. Technology is opening a new door everyday in terms of what’s really possible…not only for AIA and its family of agents, but for the bail industry overall.

While it is easy to run and hide from these changes, I am proud to say that we have chosen to embrace them. In fact, I would say we have gone as far to challenge them and push them to the limit. Just this year, we have launched a new financial management system, installed a new phone system and developed a new version of our Agent Information Management System…and it is only January 15th. These technology changes demonstrate our commitment to growing our business and will create exponential efficiencies within our organization. Efficiencies that we can pass on to our agents in better service and support.

I would love to hear comments and stories back from bail agents across the country about how technology has changed your business. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Brian,
    Technology has enabled me to operated much more efficiently, though I had to develop a solution myself. I run a small business, I am the only employee. I faced a problem with having information available while I was out of the office. My solution was to develop a database containing the names of all defendants and indemnitors that I could sync with a calendar and put it all on my ipod/iphone. When I'm out of the office, I can use the ipod to check the calendar on any given day to see who is due in court. In addition, I can check by name to see when an individual is due in court.

    If only the courts and jails would embrace technology as we do.

  2. @Al Thanks for the reply. Please keep your eye on new developments coming from AIA to keep our agent’s on the cutting edge of technology that can help them grow and succeed.

  3. Like in war one must master his weapon and apply his skills to defeat his enemy-bail bonds is not so much different from any other business-the internet is a social marketing tool weapon that too must be implemented and mastered. If one must force recon his technology savvy adversary and track him, you will find him somewhere on the internet.

  4. From the IT side.. The entire bail process has been made more efficient and accurate through technology. Having architect-ed and created several solutions for ACIC/HCC Surety and several large GA's I saw a huge reduction in paperwork duplication and error. I see the next horizon will be electronic integration with the court systems directly via secure web connections. The judicial system wants to be more accurate and efficient as well. This saves money and the ROI of a well created application pays good dividends. I am now with a Surety that does not have a bail line but, I am still fascinated by the potential in the bail industry in terms of automation.


  5. @Anonymous thanks for the comment. It is always nice to see others in our industry embracing technology the way we have. We are committed to utilizing technology at every touchpoint we have to create better efficiencies in our business and our agents' bail business.