Thursday, August 19, 2010

ExpertBail Launch: September 1, 2010

As September 1st approaches, the excitement at AIA and amongst our agents has never been greater.  There is a sense of excitement and anticipation around the launch of ExpertBail.   But as we get closer to the public launch, and the timer gets closer to zero on the site, our entire family of employees and agents are ready to burst at the seams.

I can honestly say that ExpertBail is one of the biggest things that AIA has ever done.  It represents a new strategic approach for our company, and even more importantly, a new strategic approach for our agents.  By setting an expectation and raising the bar amongst our great family of agents, ExpertBail will positively impact our industry from a perception standpoint, a legislative standpoint and from a regulatory standpoint.

The first phase of ExpertBail is what we are calling the “Face of Bail.” By telling the story of bail through the real life images and lives of our agents, we can change public perception of who a bail agent really is.  The bail agents I know are key contributors in their communities.  Our agents are professionals, small family business owners, former law enforcement, and former school teachers.  We have agents that contribute to local youth programs and start non-profit organizations.  At the end of the day, our family of agents are the best in the bail business and we believe are the best people in their communities.  Our goal is to tell their story…our story…together.

As part of the launch of ExpertBail, we will also be launching our first national television campaign.  It will air in over 10 million households across the country throughout the month of September.  It is the first part of what will be a continuous storyline of real life stories and experiences of our agents.

We invite each of our agents to submit their stories to our marketing and communications team at  Tell us how you got into the bail industry, what types of things you are doing in your neighborhood.  These stories are the heart and soul of ExpertBail and it is important for us to tell in a powerful and collaborative manner…because if we don’t tell this story, someone else will tell it for us, and lets be honest…that hasn’t worked for our industry in the past. 

Lastly, I would like to congratulate each and every employee at AIA for their commitment to making ExpertBail a reality.  This launch would not be possible without the passion, knowledge and experience of the entire team and I am proud to be a part of it.