Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NPR - National Public Radio...or shall we say...National Pro-Government Radio

Earlier today I saw an email about an upcoming piece on National Public Radio (“NPR”) about the bail bond system in the United States. This piece, which appears to have been written by advocates of government sponsored pretrial release systems proclaims that the private bail surety system may be “costing taxpayers billions, while preventing more successful, less costly rehabilitation programs from gaining traction.” This proposition is completely ridiculous. On the contrary, the bail surety system saves taxpayer dollars by providing a private sector solution to defendants waiting resolution of their criminal cases. The services of the bail bond industry are provided without any taxpayer dollars funding our system. Moreover, bail agents throughout the country work very hard to accommodate as many people as they possibly can in a way that is highly responsible and it assures the appearance of the defendant back in court.

The representation that government sponsored release systems are “more successful” and “less costly rehabilitation programs” is similarly ludicrous. Many studies, including those conducted by the federal government’s bureau of justice statistics have shown that releasing defendants through government sponsored programs while they are awaiting trial is a highly ineffective method of assuring the defendants appearance back in court. Further, such government sponsored get out of jail free programs, are more likely to result in an escalation in crime while defendants are out awaiting disposition of their case. If you would like to receive a booklet on the failures of these types of government sponsored pretrial release programs, please visit sign up to receive a copy.

This piece to be aired on NPR January 21st and 22nd smacks of a pro-government piece that is not informed of all the facts involved in the criminal justice system, as it relates to release of defendants awaiting trial. I find it disappointing that NPR would make statements that are so negative to an industry that for many years has provided the most responsible safe and low cost method of releasing defendants awaiting trial. I cannot help but think that this type of reporting comports with the overall national agenda being pushed by bureaucrats in Washington to expand the role of government in our daily lives. This is a misguided policy with very negative long term consequences. History has shown that private enterprise can do a much better job providing goods and services then the federal government. We should ask ourselves who among us wants the federal government controlling health insurance or any other big business.

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  1. Did you contact NPR radio to interject your position and offer facts to strike down this matter-Vince Rera-Surety Bail Agent-Gladiator Bail Bonds Virginia-the ministry of bail.