Thursday, May 13, 2010

AIA’s First National Bail Bond Agent Conference…Get Ready for the Greatest Show on Earth

I just got out of an executive team meeting and immediately came to my computer to write this blog. To be honest, I haven’t been this excited for our agents and for our business in a very long time. This meeting lasted three hours and solely focused on our National Conference…and let me tell you, what our team has in store for our agents is unbelievable. I challenged everyone eight months ago to come up with a game changer, something that our agents have never seen or have even contemplated before. My challenge was intended to encourage them to push the envelope a bit, little did I realize that they would push it out of the ballpark.

As many of our agents know, AIA prides itself on what we refer to as “What is Behind the Paper,” and one of the most important things behind the paper is our ability to listen to the needs of our agents. If we haven’t addressed a need before we hear about it, than we do everything we can to address it as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our ultimate goal is to continuously improve our levels of service and response for our agents on an ongoing basis. When I challenged the team last year, it became absolutely a requirement that they spend time with our agents, asking questions (about their individual business and the bail bond industry overall), listening, taking notes. Find out the things that keep them up at night, their biggest challenges and concerns, find out what that one thing is that AIA (as the largest family of bail insurance companies in the world) could deliver to them to help with these challenges. I wanted to know, ff the sky was the limit and anything was possible, what would help our agents the most.

Well, after an eye-opening and incredibly insightful journey, I think we have done it. On June 28th in Las Vegas at the first full day of our National Conference, I believe that all in attendance will think we have done it as well. Stay tuned, because you won’t want to miss what we have in store for our family of bail agents.