Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Customers Brand Advocates

As many of you probably have noticed, a trend in business today is to talk about how important your customers are to you. Things here at AIA are no different, however, we recently put our money where our mouth is and asked a small group of bail bond agents to come to our offices to participate in a “brainstorming” session. The session focused on the bail bond industry overall and what we, at AIA, can do to help to continue to empower our bail bond agents to succeed. This meeting led to nearly 6 hours of discussion on a wide range of topics from technology to marketing to legislation. Of course, we discussed the impact the current economic state of affairs has had and the impact it continues to have on bail agents businesses. But more importantly, we discussed how we can address these challenges together. Understanding the needs of bail bond agents and their expectations of us as their bail surety is extremely important to us.

We also asked these agents a series of questions about how we can help them improve their bail bond business and the bail bond industry at large. Their responses were very informative and have stimulated a lot of exciting strategy discussions among the AIA team. After that exciting day of candid discussion, we are energized and focused on the role we must play to provide our agents with the innovative services they will need to confront the ever-changing bail bond marketplace.

The most important lesson we learned from this brainstorming session, is that our agents truly are a valuable part of our brand. The more we bring them into our business, the more effective we can be. Moving forward we will conduct more agent brainstorming sessions like these with different groups of bail agents and different points of view. Furthermore, I encourage all of our agents to use this bail bond industry blog as a way to communicate your concerns or thoughts about AIA and how we can help. All input is welcomed and as always will be taken seriously.

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