Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Behind the Paper

For those of you who were unable to make it to our party at Caesars Palace last night, you missed the unveiling of our new marketing campaign “Behind the Paper.” We think that this campaign will not only raise the bar in the bail bond industry, but more importantly, set an expectation in the minds of all bail bond agents around the country; An expectation that their surety must now be able to deliver on.

Our team has spent the last 5 months talking with our family of bail bond agents. We talked about their businesses, the economy, their needs, their challenges and last but not least, their perception of AIA. Are we delivering the things they need? Are we meeting their expectations? While asking these questions, we uncovered many new and interesting things about our agents…things we didn’t know or expect. Additionally, our bail bond agents discovered many new things about us…things they didn’t know or expect. The process was truly collaborative and inspiring and the outcome will be something that we think can change this business forever.

When we asked bail bond agents why they write with us their answers varied. In fact they varied more than we could have ever of thought. Price while important to everyone was not the key driver. They wrote with AIA for the extras we provide…things like service, like innovation, like stability…things that in their mind were bigger than the rate we gave them. Those types of comments are what lead us to realize that our bail bond agents don’t write with us for the paper…they write with us for what’s behind the paper.

Last night we launched a new website…http://www.behindthepaper.com/. It is a visual representation of the things that AIA is made of. Take your time to explore this site. It tells an interesting and emotional story about our company and brand, but does so from the point of view of our employees and agents. We hope that you will provide additional input and content. We want this site to grow and expand…and we want our agents to play a role in that creative process.

To us, “Behind the Paper,” is continual reminder of our commitment to our agents. It is our promise to continue to push the envelope and deliver products and services that make our agents more efficient, more effective and more productive. We want to be the catalyst that helps them differentiate themselves in the market and grow their businesses. In the coming months, the team at AIA will be releasing several new industry firsts…all designed to achieve the objectives mentioned previously…which is to make our bail bond agents better.

So sit back and perk up your ears….we are only just beginning to share what’s really behind the paper. I would love to hear your comments.

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