Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Thoughts on Marketing...

While watching the endless stream of bowl games this season, I was struck by certain commercials where companies spend their advertising dollars focusing on a weakness or shortcoming of a certain competitor, rather than highlighting the virtues and core values of their own enterprise. At AIA, we have always focused on the things we bring to our family of bail bond agents. By clearly expressing our companies’ core values of innovation, agent support and service, plus integrity and financial stability we strive to help our public better understand the value of doing business with AIA, while positioning ourselves as the leading bail bond insurance company in the nation.

I believe this strategy can be effective for all businesses. Carefully consider your company’s core values and then figure out how to best communicate those values to the audience you are trying to reach. By doing so, you will increase your business by letting your customers know what is truly the essence of the valuable service you provide.

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